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The Dirty Laundry Tour

Over her years serving  in ministry and attending church, Moheen was often told by people to not share so much of her testimony,  not be as transparent, letting everyone know her "secrets", with the belief that  some skeletons are  better left in the closet.


However, as told in the prologue of her book, Triumph Over Trauma, Moheen could not forget the impact, response and deliverance that came to a group of young women after being led by the Lord to  share her testimony at a retreat.

After releasing  Triumph Over Trauma, Moheen was met again  with positive feedback from readers who found the level of transparency of the book refreshing and assisted greatly in their process of freedom. 

Thus began the birthing of The Dirty Laundry Tour....

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Why Dirty Laundry?

Most people are familiar with the saying to "air your dirty laundry", which is  airing your secrets and private business in public.  A practice that his commonly shunned and frowned upon.

However when we are honest about what we have done or endured, it assists others who may feel hopeless or unable to believe deliverance and freedom is for them.

In the Kingdom, Believers are told to receive baptism to "wash away their sins". (Acts 22:16) There is a similar process to washing  a dirty garment, when washed,  it comes out clean.


In the Dirty Laundry Tour, by discussing our various trials and traumas we have overcome, we are transferring the heaviness of our trauma and trials and exchanging it for the freedom Christ gives. (Isaiah 61:3, Isaiah 61:10, Isaiah 64:6) 

How fitting to have a dirty laundry tour. Where our trauma, trials, situations and circumstances that we have endured and overcome,  are shared. Giving others, currently enduring an opportunity to gain wisdom,. freedom, and exchange their trauma (dirty laundry)  for robes of righteousness, forgiveness and freedom in Christ through strategies, instruction, counsel, prayer and deliverance!


The Dirty Laundry Tour is comprised of a powerful group of diverse women in the faith, who have walked through various situations in life and overcome some of which are molestation, assault, domestic violence, divorce, loss of children etc. . These women have been called by God  to authentically and transparently share  their testimony and the keys they used to gain their freedom. 

What makes the Dirty Laundry Tour unique is the roster of women and situations that can be specifically chosen  for your organization, church or  women's group. The sessions are customized to the focus of your conference or needs of your community. 

Then Dirty Laundry Tour can be anywhere form a few hours in length to a full weekend conference.

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