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"Moheen Lombard is an experienced and excellent motivational speaker, workshop leader, mediator and mentor for those facing a multiplicity of issues as they navigate through life. "


Moheen Lombard is a transformative speaker, author, Restorative Practices Practitioner and educator working for over 15 years in partnership with the Police, church, schools and community teaching Restorative Practices and building Restorative Communities. 

Residing in Toronto, ON, Canada, and a proud mother to her four children, Brittany, Quinton, Samuel and Benjamin, whom she affectionately calls her heartbeats; Moheen's life mandate is to empower, equip and educate people towards their calling, purpose and destiny in God. 

Empowering, educating and equipping people with tools to navigate through life!

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Trauma occurs in many different ways, however, no matter how or when we encounter trauma, we must learn how to navigate through it so that we can become everything we were destined to become! Every storm we survive is filled with lessons. 

Many overlook those vital keys to life because of the pain that typically accompanies trials and tribulations. If we neglect to acknowledge the pain, it's impossible to learn from it. If we don't learn from the pain we are sure to experience it again. 

Triumph Over Trauma is designed to equip you with the tools and perspective you need to successfully navigate through the obstacles of life. Today you can choose to begin the journey to victory by unpacking your trauma, learning the lessons they were designed to teach you, and taking a conscious step toward triumph!

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Moheen Lombard is a transformative speaker, mediator, educator and Restorative Practices Practitioner. 


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